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INNER CIRCLE – Your first port of call for Leader­ship Solutions.

We offer you a long term reli­able part­ner­ship for your com­pany to achieve an essen­tial edge over the competition.

What makes us

Unlike tra­di­tional exec­utive search firms, ICC has been shaped through numerous years of man­age­ment exper­i­ence in fin­an­cial services and other industries.
This allows us an in-depth under­standing of our clients. Our pre­cise appre­ci­ation of clients’ require­ments allows us to achieve superior outcomes. 

Our loc­a­tions in Ham­burg, London, Vienna and Salzburg

Part­ners and Senior Advisors
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We are your part­ners and sup­port our clients’ jour­neys glob­ally

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We believe in our cross-industry expertise

Industry sec­tors
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> 25 years

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> 2000

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Nicola Sievers, Founding Partner

„Diversity allows busi­nesses to utilise the exper­i­ence and know­ledge of indi­viduals with dif­ferent per­spect­ives and back­grounds, to unleash the cre­ative poten­tial within a com­pany and bring about change.”