Data Pro­tec­tion Clarification

1. Data Pro­tec­tion at a glance

Gen­eral information

The fol­lowing inform­a­tion provides a simple over­view of what hap­pens to your per­sonal data when you visit our web­site. Per­sonal data is all data with which you can be per­son­ally iden­ti­fied. Detailed inform­a­tion on the sub­ject of data pro­tec­tion can be found in our data pro­tec­tion declar­a­tion listed below this text.

Data col­lec­tion on our website

Who is respons­ible for data col­lec­tion on this web­site? The data pro­cessing on this web­site is car­ried out by the web­site oper­ator. You can find their con­tact details in the legal notice of this website.

How do we col­lect your data?

Your data will be col­lected as you provide it to us. This can, for example, be data that you enter in a con­tact form. Other data is auto­mat­ic­ally recorded by our IT sys­tems when you visit the web­site. This is mainly tech­nical data (e.g. internet browser, oper­ating system or time of the page view). This data is col­lected auto­mat­ic­ally as soon as you visit our web­site. Some of the data is col­lected to ensure an error-free pro­vi­sion of the web­site. Other data can be used to ana­lyse your user behaviour.

What rights do you have with regard to your data?

You have the right to receive inform­a­tion about the origin, recip­ient and pur­pose of your stored per­sonal data free of charge at any time. You also have the right to request the cor­rec­tion, blocking or dele­tion of this data. On this and on other ques­tions about pri­vacy, you can always con­tact us at the address in the legal notice. You are also entitled to a right of appeal to the respons­ible reg­u­latory authority.

2. Gen­eral notes and man­datory information

Data pro­tec­tion

The oper­ators of this web­site take the pro­tec­tion of your per­sonal data very ser­i­ously. We treat your per­sonal data con­fid­en­tially and in accord­ance with data pro­tec­tion reg­u­la­tions and this Pri­vacy Policy. When you use this web­site, various per­sonal data is col­lected. Per­sonal data is inform­a­tion with which you can be per­son­ally iden­ti­fied. This data pro­tec­tion declar­a­tion explains which data we col­lect and what we use it for. It also explains how and for what pur­pose this is done. We would like to point out that data trans­mis­sion over the Internet (e.g. when com­mu­nic­ating via email) can have security gaps. A com­plete pro­tec­tion of data against third party access is not possible.

In regard to the respons­ible party

The respons­ible party for data pro­cessing on this web­site is:

Rothen­baumchaussee 21/23 D — 20148 Hamburg

Rep­res­ented by: Dr. Susanne Bixner-Mendel, Nicola Sievers, Thomas Wylenzek
Tele­phone: +49 40 41 62 49 – 0

The respons­ible party is the nat­ural or legal person who, alone or jointly with others, decides on the pur­poses and means of pro­cessing per­sonal data (e.g. names, email addresses etc.).

With­drawal of your con­sent to data processing

Many data pro­cessing oper­a­tions are only pos­sible with your express con­sent. You can at any time request to with­draw any pre­vi­ously given con­sent. All you need to do is send us an informal email. The leg­ality of the data pro­cessing car­ried out before the request remains unaf­fected by the withdrawal.

Rights of appeal to the respons­ible reg­u­latory authority

In the event of a breach of the data pro­tec­tion laws, the indi­vidual con­cerned has the right to lodge a com­plaint with the respons­ible reg­u­latory authority for data pro­tec­tion. The respons­ible reg­u­latory authority for data pro­tec­tion issues is the regional data pro­tec­tion officer of the fed­eral state in which our com­pany is based. A list of data pro­tec­tion officers and their con­tact details can be found using the fol­lowing link: node.html.

Rights to data transference

You have the right to data which we pro­cess auto­mat­ic­ally based on your con­sent or in ful­fil­ment of a con­tract given to you or to a third party, in a common, machine-read­able format. If you request the direct transfer of the data to another person, this action will only be per­formed if it is tech­nic­ally feasible.

Inquiries, blocking, deletion

Within the frame­work of the applic­able legal pro­vi­sions, you have the right to inform­a­tion about your stored per­sonal data, its origin and recip­ient and the pur­pose of the data pro­cessing and, if neces­sary, a right to cor­rect, block or delete this data. On this and on other issues relating to per­sonal data, you can always con­tact us at the address given in the legal notice.

3. Data pro­tec­tion officer

Stat­utory data pro­tec­tion officer

We have appointed a data pro­tec­tion officer for our com­pany. Gerold Langner
Gneisenaus­trasse 20
D 20253 Hamburg

Tele­phone: +49 40 30 03 909 – 0

4. Data col­lec­tion on our website


Some internet pages use so-called cookies. Cookies do not cause any damage to your com­puter and do not con­tain vir­uses. Cookies serve to make our web­site more effective, user-friendly and safer. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your com­puter and saved by your browser. Most of the cookies we use are so-called “ses­sion cookies”. They are auto­mat­ic­ally deleted at the end of your visit to the web­site. Other cookies remain stored on your device until you delete them. These cookies enable us to recog­nise your browser the next time you visit. You can set your browser so that you are informed about the use of cookies and to only allow cookies in spe­cific cases, exclude the accept­ance of cookies for cer­tain cases or in gen­eral, and enable the auto­matic dele­tion of cookies when you close the browser. If cookies are deac­tiv­ated, the func­tion­ality of this web­site may be limited.
Cookies that are required to carry out cer­tain elec­tronic com­mu­nic­a­tion pro­cesses or to provide func­tions you require are stored on the basis of Art. 6 Para. 1 lit.f GDPR. The web­site oper­ator has a legit­imate interest in the storage of cookies for the tech­nic­ally error-free and optim­ized pro­vi­sion of its services. If other cookies (e.g. cookies for ana­lysing your browsing beha­viour) are stored, these will be treated sep­ar­ately in this data pro­tec­tion declaration.

Server-Log Files

The pro­vider of the web­site auto­mat­ic­ally col­lects and stores inform­a­tion in so-called server log files, which your browser auto­mat­ic­ally trans­mits to us. These are: browser type and browser ver­sion, oper­ating system used, referrer URL, host name of the accessing com­puter, time of the server request, IP address. This data will not be merged with other data sources. The basis for this data pro­cessing is Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. f GDPR, which allows the pro­cessing of data for the ful­fil­ment of a con­tract or pre-con­trac­tual measures.

Con­tact form

If you send us inquiries using the con­tact form, your details from the inquiry form, including the con­tact details you provided there, will be stored by us for the pur­pose of pro­cessing the request and in case of any follow-up ques­tions. This data will not be dis­closed without your pre­vious con­sent. The pro­cessing of the data entered in the con­tact form takes place solely on the basis of your con­sent (Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. a GDPR). You can retract this con­sent at any time. All you need to do is send us an informal email. The leg­ality of the data pro­cessing oper­a­tions car­ried out before the with­drawal of con­sent remains unaf­fected by the with­drawal. The data you enter in the con­tact form will remain with us until you ask us to delete it, with­draw your con­sent to storage or the pur­pose for data storage no longer applies (e.g. after your request has been pro­cessed). Man­datory legal pro­vi­sions – in par­tic­ular reten­tion periods – remain unaffected.