Inner Circle Consultants

We serve our clients by drawing on our long and successful track record in corporate governance, human resources management, executive search and advisory of both executive and non-executive directors.

We have an integrated, holistic approach to consulting

  • Finding non-executive directors and senior advisors
  • Finding CEOs, directors and top-level executives
  • Management assessment
  • In-depth advice and support

Our consulting projects have made us experts in

  • Strategic focus
  • Corporate and management culture
  • Organisation, processes, communications
  • Management competence and potential

We routinely gain the trust of

  • Shareholders
  • Boards
  • Executives

Drawing on this experience, we can offer a constructive and sustainable approach to consulting and development processes:

  • Advising boards, HR and executives in applying strategic, HR, process, project and communications skills
  • Accompanying executive and team development processes; individual and team coaching
  • Integration support
  • Talent mapping
  • Supplementing management teams
  • Acting as personal advisors and mentors

  • Great strategic and operating experience in corporate and HR management, executive search, management diagnostics, organisational development, expertise in selecting, assessing and developing specialists.
  • State-of-the art industry and market expertise combined with a generic management network and strong links to the business and executive communities.
  • A long track record of advising and accompanying shareholders, non-executive directors,senior advisors and top-level executives and profound benchmarking experience.
  • Familiarity with both medium-sized companies and organisations and international groups and industry leaders in terms of their expectations for non-executive directors, senior advisors, directors, CEOs and top-level executives.
  • Long-term partnerships with our clients. We offer hands-on support to candidates and clients during the integration stage and act as personal advisors and mentors even beyond the individual project.
  • Our customised problem-solving approach
  • Consistent focus on targets and results
  • Speed
  • Flexibility

  • Our one-to-one advice
  • Continuity
  • Reliability
  • Sustainable approach

  • Our experience in dealing with top-level players
  • Judgement
  • Our pedigree and adaptability
  • Partnerships of trust